BIC Conte Watercolour Pencils - Tin of 24

  • Wood-based watercolour pencils, giving budding artists watercolours without any mess
  • There are 24 vibrant watercolours to choose from which come in a metal case for easy transportation
  • The colours can be blended together or mixed with water, just like paint; the set includes a paintbrush
  • The pencils are easy to sharpen
  • BiC Conte Watercolour pencils ensure that pencil cases have a wide selection of colours for all artwork needs
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Colour your world with Conté Watercolour Pencils

Wake up your inner artist and let your creativity run wild with Conté colouring pencils. Designed for colouring, drawing and using your imagination, this line of adult watercolour pencils puts a whole palette of eye-catching colours at your fingertips. Create amazing effects with these pencils in highly vivid shades! Use the pencils to colour and then turn your drawing into a watercolour painting with strokes of the brush (included) dipped in water! These stylishly designed pencils come in a sturdy metal box for easy carrying and storing. Paintbrush included in the box.

What’s in the box:

12 or 24 watercolour pencils in assorted eye-catching colours

At a glance:

  • Perfect for adult colouring projects and other arts and crafts
  • An original range of 24 different colours
  • Water-soluble lead creates a watercolour effect
  • Can also be used as a regular colouring pencil
  • 2.9 mm lead that's easy to sharpen
  • Comes in a sturdy metal box
  • Set includes a paintbrush for outstanding watercolour effects

Explore your inner artist




Bold bright colours

Add another dimension to your colouring projects and turn them into actual paintings and works of art with Conté watercolour pencils. Pigment-rich lead provides unbeatable coverage and incredible artistic effects. Use the pencils to colour and then turn your drawing into a watercolour painting with strokes of the brush (included) dipped in water!

A storage box for keeping things tidy

Keep these stylish colouring pencils safe between colouring sessions by storing them in their metal box. This durable storage box is the perfect solution for bringing your pencils anywhere. The set includes a paintbrush for outstanding watercolour effects.

From the centuries-old Conté brand

Founded by Nicolas-Jacques Conté, the inventor of modern graphite pencil lead, the Conté brand has been a favourite for artists since the 19th century. Conté introduced the BIC Evolution pencil in 1993, the first graphite and coloured pencils made without wood from recycled materials.

Now the Conté brand sells high-quality pencils and felt tip pens for colouring that are delighting artists and hobbyists the world over.

Colouring is cool!

Who says only kids can colour? Colouring books have really come into their own in the last few years and now they're for everyone.

Famous artists are even launching their own colouring books for adults. Why has colouring become such a happening pastime? Most of all, it's an extremely relaxing activity. Sitting down and taking the time to colour in a picture is a fantastic way to forget life's troubles. Try it out! You’ll be amazed at how the stress just melts away!

Colouring also stretches your creative muscles by giving you a place to express your ideas and emotions, which is always a good thing.

Experience the joys and benefits of colouring with the Conté range of felt pens and colouring pencils.

See for yourself!

On your marks, get set, colour!


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